You have a few little voices in your head that are bullying you into mediocrity.

It’s not that they want you to fail. It’s just that, as your risk management department, they are VERY risk averse and much of success requires risk. As you can imagine, they don’t think much of the fulfillment department next door.

The fulfillment department of your brain cooks up all kinds of amazing ideas like living in Italy for a year or launching a podcast or quitting your job to start a business or speaking in front of large crowds…

When fulfillment checks with risk management, all those great ideas become hair-brained schemes that will never work:
“I can’t do that. I’m a single parent!”
“There are at least a million things that can go wrong with this plan!”
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“Who do you think you are?”
“I wonder what it feels like to be booed off stage?”

Are the risk management department’s concerns justified? Only about 5-10%. And yet, this department is so powerful. It’s probably stopped you from doing a whole host of fantastic but “scary” things throughout your life.

Now, this department isn’t bad. It’s probably kept you from making some truly terrible choices. But when it’s in overdrive, it acts like a bully, squashing your dreams and keeping you in a rut.

So how do you keep those negative thoughts in check?

You strengthen 3 key mental muscles that will help you catch them in the act, see what’s really going on and choose an action from a place of positivity instead of fear.

If you’d like to rein in your risk management department and give the folks in fulfillment a better chance of success, check out my Mental Fitness coaching program.

Learning with a group or solo, you’ll learn to recognize the voices that are holding you back and daily practices for keeping them in check. And you’ll have the support you need to actually implement what you learn so you can feel better, perform better and have better relationships.

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