Is your itty bitty shitty committee

sabotaging you?

negative thinking

Signs your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee is running the show:

  • You have feelings of “not enough”
  • You say yes even when you want to say no
  • You’re always chasing the next goal
  • You have a hard time celebrating your successes
  • You worry a lot
  • You’re always busy but don’t seem to get a lot done
  • You avoid conflicts and difficult tasks
  • You often feel anxious or impatient
  • You are easily upset by criticism or negative events
  • You are quick to judge yourself and others
  • The same issue(s) keep showing up in your relationships
  • You struggle to form new habits

Train your brain
to better respond
to negative thoughts
instead of being
ruled by them




Take back control with simple brain exercises.

All it takes is 15 minutes
a day.

Use a system developed over 10 years of research.

No matter what’s going on in your life, boosting your Mental Fitness will help you rewire your brain for better performance, healthier relationships and more happiness.

Mental fitness helps you:

  • better understand how you self-sabotage and stop it
  • mentally reset after failure
  • let go of your “should haves”
  • use your fear instead of being ruled by it
  • improve your relationships—partner, friends, family, etc.
  • feel happier

…and more!

The term mental fitness comes from Positive Intelligence® creator Shirzad Chamine’s research and work with:

  • World–class athletes
  • Hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams
  • Stanford students
  • 500,000 participants from 50 countries

In addition, Shirzad has drawn from the fields of Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, Positive Psychology and Performance Science.

With simple daily practices, thousands of people have created lasting positive change in their lives.

Now it’s your turn.


When you take the 6-week mental fitness program, you will learn how to manage self-sabotaging thoughts AND you’ll build powerful new habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

How it works

positive intelligence app screenshot

15 Minutes a Day

Just 15 minutes a day of app-guided practice helps you strenthen your mental muscles. Each practice is bite-sized so you’re never too busy to do it.

Measurable Progress

With instant feedback through the app, you’ll feel motivated to keep building the 3 core muscles of mental fitness.

Customized for YOU

Weekly videos lay the foundation for each new focus and the app delivers experiential practice that’s customized to you.

Community Support

With me as your coach either 1-1 or with five other participants, you will have the support you need to build your mental fitness over the 6 weeks.


Start building your mental fitness by strengthening 3 key mental muscles that will weaken the negative saboteur voices in your mind and strengthen the positive voice of your inner wisdom.

Week 1: The Self-Command Muscle

Using a short practice called a PQ rep, you will exercise your self-command muscle to override the saboteur voices. Each rep takes just 10 seconds and helps you incrementally take greater control of your mind, quietting the negative and activating the positive region of your brain.

Weeks 2 & 3: Saboteur Interceptor Muscle

This segment of the program will help you catch your saboteurs in the act and stop them from hijacking your thoughts, feelings and actions. You will be able to see how your saboteurs lie to you and hold you back. When you strengthen this muscle, they lose their ability to trick you into thinking they are helpful.

Weeks 4 to 6: Sage Muscle

With the saboteurs in check, you can practice the positive sage muscle, which understands that every challenge can be turned into a gift and opportunity. You will learn how to use the 5 sage powers: empathize, explore, innovate, navigate and activate.

Imagine being able to harness the power of your inner wisdom to dramatically improve your life and relationships.

Next group starts soon. Email to get on the waitlist.


I’m a life coach and mountain bike coach who has been riding for over 25 years. My first mountain bike was a fully rigid Gary Fischer Pirhana that doubled as my commuter bike.

When I began teaching beginner clinics for women in my local club in the early 2000s, I was amazed at the transformation in my fellow riders. Becoming skilled mountain bikers built their confidence and made them see themselves differently than before.

Even then, I knew there was more to this sport than riding bikes in the forest. It’s a self-development program that brings joy, community, health, fitness and more!

After all this time, I’m still as passionate about the sport as I was when my wheels first hit dirt and I’m proud to call myself a mountain biker.

Carmel Ecker

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