This photo is the essence of me. It’s one of my favourite photos of myself because it’s a perfect representation of who I am at my core: loud at times, happy, bold, playful, unconcerned with what others think, unafraid to use my voice. My body posture is open, which to adult me signals openness and vulnerability.

I didn’t live this way for a long time. When I hit my teenage years, I got much quieter, stopped listening to my wise inner voice in an effort to fit in, listened instead to the external voices that told me to be quieter. I tried so hard to blend in despite knowing in my heart that I was born to stand out. It took a long time to shed that inauthentic mask. And these days, I keep this photo close as a reminder of who I really am: that little girl in the blue footie pyjamas who was born to sing.

My favourite of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace is “Don’t die with your music still in you.” I keep that in mind too as I forge my new, authentic, path in life, which I now know is to help other people find their authentic path. That’s my music. And I will not die with it still inside me, regardless of whether anyone hears it (although I’m doing my darnedest to make sure they do).

Today, I challenge you to find a childhood photo of yourself that you feel represents the core of who YOU are. Consider these questions:

What beauty or strength do you see in this younger version of yourself?

How can you tap into this renewed appreciation for yourself as you choose your path forward?

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