Hello chaos, my old friend. Yes, I see chaos as a friend and not in that clenched teeth, pretending-to-be-nice kind of way.

It may be hard to see it, but there is opportunity in all the chaos that is your life as a single parent.

Exactly what opportunities exist depends on what your chaos looks like, but I assure you they are there. I know because I’ve lived it and I’m no different from you. I’m a human who happens to be a single mom trying to figure out the best way forward for myself and my son.

Let’s put it in terms pretty much any parent can relate to.

If your kid loves Lego as much as mine does, you’ve probably had some (or all) floor space covered with a variety of crumbled Lego sets that have all gotten jumbled up after being assembled once. My son and I have very different feelings about this.

I want to gather together the pieces from each set so they are organized and can be assembled from the instructions again. My son doesn’t give a crap about how it was “intended” to be assembled. He wants to take that chaos of bits and pieces and make new things. He so easily sees the opportunity where I see chaos that wreaks havoc on the bottoms of my feet as I try to navigate my living room or his bedroom.

Where I see disorganization, he sees potential. Who cares what was or even what it is? It’s all about what COULD BE. That’s where the magic is. That’s where I want to live: in the land of possibility.

How about you? Does it feel good trying to endlessly reorder the chaos into something that resembles what you thought your life should be? Or do you want to rethink that chaos and find the potential for a new way of being in the world?

There’s space in my calendar for you if you want to explore what could be. It’s a FREE opportunity to take 30 minutes for yourself to start crafting your future. I look forward to chatting with you.