Are you tired?

And not, “Wow! That was a big day!” tired. I mean “full-on exhausted just from the act of living” tired.

In single parent groups and in Clubhouse rooms, I’m seeing frequent posts about not being able to keep up, feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed.

Financial stress, co-parenting stress, court stress, mediation stress, work stress, being alone stress, and more, sometimes leading to burnout.

Many of us are feeling it (and not just single parents).

So what do we do?

One way to respond is to step back and ask two questions:
• What can I control?
• What’s truly important?

The first question strips away anything that you have zero agency over and allows you to shift your focus to actual choices you can make.

The second question lets you evaluate whether what you’re putting your energy into is really all that important to you.

When you get clear on what’s in your control and stop letting other people’s priorities fill up your life, space opens up for the word NO to form in your mouth.

It’s ok to not be a freaking super hero who saves the day. Maybe the day doesn’t really need saving. Maybe it’s you that you need to save.

So if you’re creeping toward burnout, ask yourself:
What can I control and what’s truly important?

Be ruthless with your time and choices and give yourself a break so you can keep working on what’s important and keep actively loving the people you care about.

If you are looking for a helping hand in creating a new path for yourself, one that minimizes stress and maximizes joy, book a free no-sell call with me. We’ll discuss where you are, where you’d like to be and discuss steps to bridge the gap.