Life just feels easier when you make choices that are right for you, doesn’t it? When you know what you need and want, and you believe you deserve those things, you are more likely to get them.

This isn’t to say that you should be selfish and not care at all about other people’s needs. In fact, meeting your own needs and wants can often serve others because you have more capacity to give when you’re not busy feeling resentful that everyone except you is getting what they want.

This is part of self-care.

For those who have a value of serving others, this can be a tough one. To ask for what you need or want can feel selfish, and to insist on it can feel like an ugly form of entitlement. Isn’t it better to be flexible and easygoing?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

If you often give to others, giving to yourself every so often isn’t selfish or entitled. It’s necessary to living a happy and fulfilled life.

So get to know yourself and what’s important to you. Take the time to get quiet and ask yourself some important questions:

Who are you?

What can you be flexible on and what do you need to take a stand for?

In what way(s) could you live in greater harmony with yourself?